Go Green

Prima Wrap’s Go Green Campaign

Prima Wrap’s vision of go green gift packaging products is important to us, to our consumer and the environment. Recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and sustainability products are introduced in our go green line. Since 1993, Prima Wrap has always had an extensive line of gift packaging supplies. Our commitment to producing and supplying quality products is our standard. Since the beginning, Prima Wrap has carried some eco products. Now, as the awareness grows, Prima Wrap is extending our line of eco products and converting some original items to suit this important choice, leaving less of an environmental footprint. This new line of products was introduced as

1.   A choice to make a difference.

2.     Buying this product is better for the environment.

3.     Your clients will appreciate your efforts.

Prima Wrap would like to partner with you to give back to our earth one product at a time. We support protecting the creation that surrounds and touches us all. We will continue to expand and develop this line.


Treeless Hampton handbags Is constructed from 100% tree free paper. This handbag is completely biodegradable and naturally water & oil resistant. This pulp free bag is made with eco friendly fibers and is smooth to the touch.


Tokyo Totes – This unique shaped deluxe shopper are available in kraft and white colours. It is attractive to the eye, and 100% recyclable.   



Manhattan Bags – This line is 100% recyclable and is ready for the blue box just remove the twill handles.


Bamboo Manhattan – This bag is made from bamboo fibers, one of the most renewable natural resources used today.

Taupe Garden Manhattan – This bag is made from 80% post industrial recycled material.


Reusable Non Woven Bags – This black or white bag is elegant with its soft rope handle and is a great give away or resale item for your store. It is a combination of sustainability and style.


Reusable Non Woven Totes – Totes come in 4 colours & sizes. Soft bag with long handles are to be used over an over again.


Reusable Tins - The sleek & smooth look of the tin line is a great gift in itself. These products are sure keepers to be used for time to come.


Reusable Organza Bags – Soft, elegant with veiled beauty, the organza line is extensive in sizes and colours. To reuse them simply place product inside bag and pull of the drawstring handles.


Paper Shopper Bags- All colours & sizes in this line are 100% fully recyclable. In addition to this line the natural kraft coloured shopper is constructed of 100 % recycled paper. Client’s choice with this eco friendly bag.


Gl Boxes & Apparel Boxes– 100% recyclable & biodegradable crafted completely from recycled material.


Gift Wrap – We have an extensive gift wrap line. A series is 25% - 40% post consumer material.   B series is 30% post consumer material. GW6X series is 40% - 50% post consumer material. In addition we have a line of 100% recyclable and crafted with 100% recyclable material.


Tissue – Solid tissue is made up of approximately 60% (may vary by colours) and is 100% recyclable. Kraft Tissue is 100% recycled and made up of 100% recyclable material.


Sizzle – 100% recyclable except for metallic blends.


Hat Boxes – constructed 100% recycled material and recyclable. Kraft & white colours only.